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Post-Reichenbach. John struggles to cope with the loss of Sherlock. A mystery provides a distraction...or does it?

“Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world,

which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime,

and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.”

–€• Edna St. Vincent Millay

Author note: Part 5 of the "No Heart For Me Like Yours" series. This story contains quite a few spoilers for the rest of the series, so it would probably make much more sense to read the series in order, as it tells how John and Sherlock got to this point.

Bless you, Skyfullofstars, for nudging - more like shoving - me back out of the rut and into the road. You are brilliant and wonderful. I owe the majority of this dialogue entirely to you!

Sherlock belongs to Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock Holmes originally belonged to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I own nothing. This makes me very, very sad. Written for fun, not profit.

Warnings: Sherlock/John. Slash, slash, somewhat graphic slash. Major, major spoilers for Season 2.

Trigger warnings: Suicidal ideation; references to previous abusive relationship, references to non-con, references to sexual assault, references to child prostitution/abuse, references to homophobia, paralysis, despair.

Please read and review!

You are about to read content that may not be suitable for minors... )
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I made the above photomanip/digital art to accompany Chapter 11 of Skyfullofstars' gorgeous WIP, Sherlock & John Rebellion of Angels: Acclamations. I couldn't get the image out of my head from the excerpt below, and as I often do in that situation, I had to create the image to soothe the muse. It's a bit like having to sing/listen to a song that has become an earworm, only with photoshop. ;)

I'm not going to explain the acorn - you'll have to read the fic for that. *spoilers!*

Excerpt from Sherlock & John Rebellion of Angels: Acclamations, by Skyfullofstars (reprinted with permission):

John looks down at the photograph. He ignores the fold lines and stares at the picture. Then he looks up at Sherlock.

"I knew he resembled you but I had no idea –"

"You've got it wrong way round, as usual, John. I resemble him."

John bends his head to again stare at the photograph. He glances incredulously from the photograph to Sherlock and back again. He frowns at the too familiar head of tumbled curls and wide cheekbones, pale skin and full lips.

Nicholas Holmes stands in the exact center of the photograph, a slight smile on his face. His right hand is on his older son's shoulder and his left rests on a very young Sherlock's shoulder. All three of them smile into the camera, but in Sherlock's case, the smile is an wide grin. John just saw that same grin, a scant hour ago, in the photograph in the library.He stares.

Other than the obvious glowing copper shade of Nicholas Holmes' hair, John could be looking at a recent photograph of Sherlock himself.

If you haven't read this wonderful series, you're in for a treat, but I'd recommend starting with the first part, There But For The Grace Of John Watson. These are novel-length fics, people - prepare for hours of fanfiction joy (and angst, of course).

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I've been meaning to make a cover for Skyfullofstars' The Boys of Baker Street for ages. Tonight, I finally did something about it.

Read this gorgeous Johnlock fic, if you haven't. However, you need to read There But For The Grace Of John Watson
the first book in the series (yes, they're books - Sky writes novel-length fics), or this one won't make sense. They're amazing
stories, and you get to read two fantastic, free books about our Baker Street boys. There is no downside. So why are you still here?

Links: Skyfullofstars on AO3 and FF


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