Sep. 6th, 2012

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Prompt from the Sherlock Kinkmeme: I want to see the story of Sherlock & Mrs. Hudson's first hug, and the circumstances surrounding it.


Martha Hudson’s visit to her sister wasn’t going very well.

Martha and Eugenia MacNamara had always been quite close. When Martha married Roger Hudson and moved to America to be with him, the two sisters corresponded regularly. As technology improved, they shifted from letters to email, and hardly a week passed by without a transatlantic chat over Skype.

Still, despite their warm relationship, there was a barrier between them: Eugenia didn’t like Roger. Martha had never explicitly said anything, but Eugenia got the feeling that Martha was a little bit…afraid of her husband. Any attempt to persuade Martha to talk about it was met with a swift subject change.

Finally, Martha made her first visit since her marriage, to attend the wedding of their cousin Lucy in London. Martha flew into London to spend the two weeks around the wedding with Eugenia.

The evening before the wedding, they were giggling over a glass of wine, and Martha seemed much more in a confiding mood.  When Eugenia carefully broached the subject of Roger, Martha simply said, “Marry in haste, repent at leisure – isn’t that the saying? I’ve made my bed, Eugenia.”

Vainly, Eugenia tried to persuade Martha to tell her what was wrong, but Martha would say no more. When they went to bed that evening, Eugenia couldn’t help but wonder if her sister was in some sort of danger.

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